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Neighbors Helping Neighbors!

September 30, 2023

Our incredible Independent Living Residents on the Library Committee took some time out of their busy schedules to lend a helping hand at Lisbet Assisted Living and Memory Care, kickstarting their own library setup. #NeighborsSupportingNeighbors  #CommunitySpirit   #LibraryLove 

The Elections Experience Tour

September 29, 2023

Exploring Democracy: Residents joined “The Elections Experience Tour” and went behind the scenes with Supervisor of Elections, Wendy Sartory Link, and the dedicated Palm Beach County Elections Team! They got an exclusive look at the inner workings of Palm Beach County Elections and gained invaluable insights. A huge shoutout to Wendy Sartory Link and the …Read More…

Technology Club’s Modern Appliances!

September 28, 2023

It was full house at our Technology Club’s presentation on ‘How to Use Your Microwave/Oven and Programmable Thermostat’! Residents are eager to master these modern kitchen appliances and stay cozy with their programmable thermostats. Learning and connecting—it’s what our community is all about! #TechSavvySeniors  #LearningTogether  #CommunityConnection 

Brain Games for Active Minds!

September 27, 2023

Engage your mind with ‘Brain Games for Active Minds’! Residents of Wellington Bay join in on the fun and tackle challenges like Word Jumble, Movie Quotes, Rebus Puzzles, Guess the Meaning, and Detect the Pattern. It’s a mental workout that’s as entertaining as it is stimulating! Are you up for the challenge? #BrainGames   #MentalFitness  …Read More…

Meet the Artist 101: Vincent van Gogh

September 22, 2023

Residents immersed themselves in the world of art during our Art Workshop with the talented Art Educator, Jamey Kahl! ‘Meet the Artist 101: Vincent van Gogh’ was an inspiring journey into the life and work of this iconic painter. Creativity knows no age, and our residents proved it with their artistic flair! #ArtWorkshop   #MeetTheArtist  …Read More…

Card Party Delight!

September 19, 2023

Residents enjoyed a scrumptious buffet lunch today, followed by their choice of thrilling games – Bridge, Canasta, Mah Jongg, or some classic board games. The day was filled with laughter, strategy, and good company. It’s moments like these that make our community shine. Stay tuned for more delightful gatherings! #CardPartyFun  #GoodFoodGoodFriends  #GameOn 

Creative Tin Dolls

September 13, 2023

Capturing the creativity in action! Check out these snapshots from our ‘Creative Tin Dolls’ art class led by our talented resident, Elyse Fuhr. Artistic inspiration knows no bounds in our community! #ArtisticExpression  #CommunityCreativity  #TinDollArt 

Full House…Lecture by Dr. Robert Watson

September 8, 2023

What a captivating evening! Our community came together for a full house lecture by Dr. Robert Watson on ‘The Manhattan Project: Oppenheimer, Truman, and the A-Bomb.’ A night filled with knowledge, history, and engaging discussions. Thank you, Dr. Watson, for an unforgettable experience! #EnrichingNights   #CommunityLectures   #HistoryUnfolded

Drumming Class! Standing Room Only!

September 7, 2023

We’re feeling the beat at our Independent Living drumming class! Standing room only as our residents groove to the rhythm. Clearly, it’s a fan favorite! #DrummingForJoy   #CommunityRhythms

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